In 2007, Alive Health Development Sdn. Bhd. was awarded for two privileges: “Excellence Leadership Award” and “Excellence Services Quality Award” in “The 6th Asia-Pacific International Entrepreneur Excellence Award 2007”.

The 6th Asia Pacific International Entrepreneur Excellence Award 2007 is organized in response to the government’s support for industrial development and advancement, by encouraging industrial participation and networking in order to increase competitiveness and subsequently move towards an era of globalization.


Excellence Leadership Award

Under Ms. Teh Li Lin’s leadership, she has established a unique, one-stop health rejuvenating treatment services that have proven to be highly successful. These services include: personalized lymphatic detox therapy, organic fasting program, yoga practice, as well as regularly conducting wellness programmes and education services such as international naturopathy courses, nutritional therapist professional certificate courses, body sculpting professional certificate courses and etc. to offer consumers a total organic environmental perspective and wellness therapy, and to create an organic and healthy image with integrity and authority.

Ms. Teh firmly believes in harmony and wellness of the body, mind and soul with emphasis on the philosophy of LOHAS and environmentalism. She is committed to the promotion of organic and environmental LOHAS lifestyle and these unwavering philosophies have turned to be her ultimate goals for her organic business.


Excellence Services Quality Award

From raw material, manufacturing to distribution, Alive products contain only ingredients harmless to the body and are free from any chemicals. The products use environmentally friendly packaging, with environmentally friendly bags to deliver. Alive Group offers personalised product mix, personalised body therapy and therapeutic programmes and etc.

Alive Group is concerned about the well being of the consumers and environmental protection, from safest hair colouring, thoughtful wellness products and rejuvenating yoga practice to the most professional therapeutic courses for the body, mind and soul, Alive Group determines to offer more than just healthy products.  While intensively advocating organic LOHAS living, Alive Group also aims to raise the awareness of caring for the ecology and protecting our mother earth.