ALIVE Foundation is a charity organization established by the ALIVE Group, with its headquarter in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.  “Alive Foundation Project” was originated on May 20, 2010 , and officially launched in Kuala Lumpur on July 30, 2010. It is an independent charitable concern that operates based on the International Charitable Foundation Principles.


ALIVE was established with the objective to help people improve their bodies, minds and souls and achieve the balance and harmony between the inner and outer self, in order to live the ideal way of life, to adopt proven dietary habits, to obtain a harmonious state of mind, to achieve a balanced physical and mental conditions, to improve knowledge on health, to strengthen the health awareness, to improve the quality of living environment and to be honest with self-awareness of the present mind. Through a professionally structured "Body, Mind, and Soul" program and training, we strive to achieve the most optimal state for the body, mind and soul, through learning, understanding, application and execution.

In order to encourage more individuals who share our philosophy to reach the "harmonious state of health", Alive Group set up ALIVE Foundation, with portion of the proceeds from all the training programs conducted.  The fund from the Alive Foundation will then be used to help participants who strive to enhance their state of body, mind and soul, but in need of financial support, as well as supporting Alive Organic Kindergarten Program, to nurture our country’s future leaders.


“Healthy Body, Healthy Mind" - ALIVE Group, through its organic series of food and products, coupled with its “body, mind and soul” training program, provides the ideal way of life and state of health, bringing truly healthy body and mind to everyone. This continuous improvement of product quality and health ideals is the ultimate goal of Alive Group.

“Unconditional Love” - ALIVE Foundation is committed to spread the love to everyone in need of, and striving for transformation in physical state and lifestyle, but hampered by financial constraints. Regardless of nationality, race, sex or social class, ALIVE Foundation opens our arms in welcoming all. Spreading love to every corner and creating a harmonious and healthy society are the lifelong pursuits of Alive Foundation!


Our country does not have a thriving reading culture, resulting in reluctance from the people to step out of their comfort zone, and people having poor sense of anticipating a crisis. It goes without saying that the capability to overcome crisis is in even poorer state.

Educating the public to achieve a healthy "Body, Mind and Soul" living, is the mission of ALIVE Foundation. Through ALIVE Foundation, we aim to encourage people to participate in the healthy living of "Body, Mind and Soul", contributing to the human health and development.


As an international charitable organization, Alive Foundation promotes harmonious development of human health, through scientific, correct and careful method that abides by the law of nature, in order to achieve the balance of “body, mind and soul”, enabling people to have early preparation for any potential crisis.

ALIVE Foundation opens our arms in welcoming everyone, regardless of nationality, race, sex or social class. In every corner of the world, Alive Foundation will provide guidance and assistance to individuals who wish to transform their "Body, Mind and Soul" as well as countries to cultivate the "future leaders". Alive Foundation is determined to relentlessly pursue the global wellbeing and healthy development.