Wombcare Purifier 40g


Quick Overview

• Anti inflammatory herbs for womb cleansing or detoxification anti-inflammation and anti-bacterial

1. Add 5-6g of wombcare purifier to a wombcare pump.
2. Fill in warm water into the pump until it is 70% full, and shake well.
3. Sit half slanted on the toilet bowl and insert the tip of the pump into the vaginal.
4. Pump the herbal solution into the vaginal and tightens the vaginal by inhaling for 30 seconds to deeply cleanse the vaginal.
5. Remove the pump from the vaginal and let the solution and excretion to run off from the vaginal.
6. Rinse the vaginal with warm water.

*Each bottle can be used for 7 times.

Wombcare Purifier 40g

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Astragalus propinquus, paeonia lactiflora, ligusticum striatum, glycyrrhiza uralensis, bupleurum chinense, lonicera japonica