Hari Organik 2012 took place on 22nd September and we were excited to have taken part and contributed in kind!
Organized by CETDEM (Centre for Enviroment, Technology & Development, Malaysia) and held at SS2, the event saw a gathering of organic farmers, retailers and organic products/services dealers congregating to promote and celebrate a healthy organic lifestyle.


Our ALIVE team was kept occupied the whole day attending to customers and visitors who stopped by our booth.

Grabbing the opportunity to educate our customers, we offered samples of some of our cereal-based products as a healthy breakfast option.

Later in the day, we had a special hair-dye demo session using our Hae Kara Organic Hair Dye. Our lovely model Tomoko sat patiently while a member from our ALIVE team dyed her hair ‘the organic way’.

Patrons gathered around to watch the informative hair-dye demo, while members from the ALIVE team explained the benefits of using organic hair-dye.

Alive’s Hae Kara Organic Hair Dye Powder uses organic and natural ingredients, primarily herbal henna. Some of the benefits of herbal henna include:

  • Conditions the hair properly.
  • Improves blood circulation.
  • Soothes hair strands to the tip.
  • Fights against infection & controls dandruff.
  • Eases headaches and migraine.



Most importantly, Alive’s Hae Kara Organic Hair Dye Powder does not contain ammonia, peroxide, P-phenylenediamine (PPD), parabens and artificial colours which will damage the hair & scalp. Furthermore, all of our products are infused with Bio-Activated Energy (BAE) through a proprietary technology to improve the absorbability rate by the body.


Our Hae Kara Organic Hair Dye Powder comes in two variants:

3 hour standard dye. Colors: Black, Burgundy, Dark Brown & Red – RM82.00

25 minutes quick dye. Colors: Dark Brown, Light Brown, Red – RM92.00


For more information on Alive’s Hae Kara Organic Hair Dye Powder, visit http://www.alive.my/index.php/alive-organic-products/hair-care/hae-kara-series.html

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