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Last year we had our first IKANO Fair @ IPC shopping centre on December 2011. Thanks to great respond from our beloved customers, we had our second IKANO FAIR 2012 on the 5-25 March. The road show lasted 20 days and thanks again to Cold Storage for their cooperation too.

The promotion for this IKANO Fair was definitely attractive as we are giving out lots of FREE gifts such as Nutrigracia's all time favourite Mix Cereal, Black Beans, Alive Skin Care, best seller Fabulous Foundation, Face Exfoliant, Hair Care, and also Baby Care products and many more.

Not only did we give out free gifts for this road show but Cold Storage gave out another 5% discount for selected items. It was a very good deal because all the customers can enjoy 2 promotions at the same time!

Besides that, the big booth spacing allowed Alive team the opportunity to beautify the entire booth area. We wanted to give customer a comfy natural feel, therefore we decorated it into a beautiful garden theme.

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Nice colourful gunny sacks of Organic Dried Rosehips, Organic Maitake, Organic Fennel, together with other deco elements.

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Alive's Mr. Lucky Rooster was out to cheer everyone at IKANO FAIR too!


On top of that, there were free food samplings for customers too. Kids were enjoying the delicious food by our chef. Besides giving out free samplings, if customers need any of our recipes and cooking guidance, our Chef will explain more on the ingredients to be used for the particular recipe on the spot.

The event surpassed last year's IKANO Fair with more and more customers going home happily with their healthy organic products. Our star products, Nutrilove Sugar Free & Crispy Oats and Fabulous range were fantastic sellouts.


Look out for more exciting Alive roadshows in the near future! We hope to engage with our customers and share our love & knowledge to everyone!