[Organic TV] EPISODE 5- Cost of Health with Organic Lifestyle

19 Nov 2014 09:05:00

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. Why organic produce is more expensive.

. How do you start an organic lifestyle without breaking your financial.


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Organic Chia Seeds Pudding

19 Jun 2012 10:58:24

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Chia seeds were documented to exist as a food in 3500BC. There were cherished in Central America before the Spanish invasion 1400-1500’s according to Natural Healthy Eating. Recently, Chia seeds are back by popular demand and it became a must-have superfoods.

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Organic Lifestyle is An Attitude

19 Dec 2011 17:19:00

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blog2从头到心到本质 — 回归中心的旅程.这是灵修.这世上没有好人与坏人之分,只有多少已经回到家的人。有机—是一种生活态度。有机的生活态度应该要从心出发!隐藏在心脏的生理机能后面的是真正的心,这颗真正的心并不是身体的一部分,所以科学没有发现 到它。它完全没有被发生在现代人身上的一切所污染,它依然纯洁无暇。一旦你连结到你这个本质的源头时,你的人生将活在一个截然不同的层次,那是神圣的层 次

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