Siow Shy Wen

Siow Shy Wen

My spine is a little bit abnormally curved since I was young. As I grew up, it caused me to suffer from backache. I always feel painful when sitting up or putting on clothes.

I have been searching for a solution to ease my pain. I was fortunate that I met Alive. After being consulted by Teacher Teh, she advised me to start treatment and fasting.

Throughout the program, Alive staff never failed to encourage and support me. Moreover, I came for treatment regularly during the fasting period. After a few treatment sessions and 10 days of fasting, I am very happy that my backache and digestive system has improved. Besides that, my bowel movement are now smoother and my pimples are getting lesser.

I was underweight and had difficulty in gaining weight before this. After the fasting, I managed to gain weight to achieve a normal BMI (Body Mass Index). I am very delighted with the results!


Ong Lei Eong

Ong Lei Eong

After knowing Alive through the PWTC Health Fair, I came to meet Teacher Teh for a personal consultation and started my Lymphatic Detox Massage and fasting program.

On the first day of fasting, I had a very bad bloated stomach, and felt very tensed and worried about my high blood pressure as I wasn’t taking any medication during my fasting period. I was lying on the bed the whole day.

The next morning, I felt so tired, had low stamina and no appetite. I had a sudden thought to give up on fasting and to cancel my treatment appointment. However, after the encouragement from Alive staff, I went for the massage.

My whole body felt so much relieved after the massage and my tummy wasn't bloated anymore. Teacher Teh encouraged me and told me not to give up. Teacher explained that all the symptoms I experienced are part of the “healing crisis”, and it usually takes 3-4 days to overcome. Teacher also said that I can still continue with my medication if I am worried about my blood pressure. After listening to Teacher, I felt more comfortable and relieved.

Finally, I managed to complete the fasting program. I was amazed that my blood pressure went down even though I wasn’t taking any medication during my fasting period. Besides that, my skin tone is more even with a glowing complexion, and my bloated stomach has improved.

I would like to thank Alive health consultants for constantly following up on my self-massage progression and guiding me on the usage of supplements after my fasting. My body is now warmer and the “Qi” blockage is much reduced. I feel lesser pain and is more comfortable during the meridian treatment now.

Thank you Alive!


Poon Puay Fun

Poon Puay Fun

My brother introduced me to Alive and after being consulted by Teacher Teh, I decided to fast.

The 20 days of fasting seemed to be a dream. I really couldn’t imagine that I could manage to accomplish it. At first, I olny intended to fast for 10 days. Thankfully, Teacher Teh encouraged me to extend my fasting period.

Before fasting, my body felt heavy and sluggish. However, after fasting, I became much slimmer, lighter, energized, and my skin tone was much brighter and even.

In addition, my regular treatment massage at Alive has helped reduce my water retention problem, especially on my lower body. Besides that, the daily self-massage and foot bath helped relieve my stress and stiff body after a long day of work.

Thank you Alive staff! Thank you Teacher Teh!




To be honest, the sole reason I agreed to fast was to lose weight drastically. The 7 days of the fasting period was very difficult for me. After the third day, I started feeling nauseous at any of the food or drink I was allowed to consume during the fasting. Also, my emotions went haywire and I was expecting to have more bowel movements.

Besides that, I realized that my stomach was so blocked and I never knew the cause of my indigestion. My fellow therapists helped me to massage my stomach almost daily during my fasting period. Even though it was very painful, I am thankful that I am now aware of how my stomach feels when I eat.

Overall, I lost 4kgs and 2cm from my body circumference, but I gained a fresh mindset and confidence about taking care of my health and body. It is like a wake-up call to start looking after my body properly, something I should have done 10 years ago. This gives me the push I need to embark on the journey to become a healthier and more beautiful me from the inside and out.

I believe that fasting is a physical, emotional, mental and spiritual challenge that everyone should try at least once in their life. You will be proud of yourself!


Lim Chiou Hong

Lim Chiou Hong

It takes a lot of courage to fast. However, after being constantly encouraged by Teacher Teh and Alive staff, I finally made the decision to fast and the result was incredible!

Before fasting, I had bowel movement problems, and my stool was watery. After fasting, my stool has become normal and I have smooth bowel movement every morning.

Besides that, fasting also helped to improve my quality of sleep. I can easily fall asleep and stay asleep until the next morning. Furthermore, my inflamed eyes and blurred vision has improved. My friends and family members also commented that I am looking younger and slimmer with glowing skin.

Thank you Alive!


Lean Toong Chong

Lean Toong Chong

When I was 20 years old, I was diagnosed with Systemic Lupus Erythematosus (SLE) an autoimmune disease characterised by the production of unusual antibodies in the blood. This caused me to have a bad skin problem and it has been bothering me for more than 30 years even though I have tried many doctors to treat the problem.

Few months ago, I came across Alive and decided to try the natural healing therapy (fasting and treatment massage) to improve my condition. 10 days of fasting was not too difficult. The biggest challenge was after the fasting period where I have to consume a number of supplements on a daily basis and quit smoking and drinking. According to Teacher Teh, alcohol is a ‘cold’ type of beverage which may worsen my skin condition.

At the beginning of post fasting, I wanted to give up because I did not see any improvement after the fasting. I even drank a few cups of beer to reduce my alcohol craving, but ended up suffering from itchiness for few days.

I would like to thank Teacher Teh and Alive health consultants for their continuous supports and reminding me to take my supplements on time and helped curb my alcohol craving.

After 4 months of post fasting supplementation, I managed to quit drinking and reduced the frequency of smoking. I used to smoke a packet of cigarettes daily, but currently only three cigarettes per day. Also , I have been willingly going for treatment in Alive regularly, because after each Delay-Aging treatment, my skin is visibly more moisturized and does not easily itch.


elaine tan

Elaine Tan

The first time I get to know ALIVE was last year, with Ms Teh and her staffs came visiting “Oasis Organic House” (Muar).That was the time I started to use ALIVE’s Products. My skin, specially my legs, are always very dry and scaly, till the point that it will start to crack and itch at the same time. Under Ms Teh’s consultation, she recommended me to consume “Optihealth” to balance my body hormones and improve my skin condition. After consuming 2 – 3 months, my skin amazingly recovered, my legs weren’t scaly anymore, my skin texture was better and the scar I had before on my neck was faded. Looking at the results I have and having to know people are noticing my differences really gives me the pleasure and confidence, which I couldn’t find a better way to describe my feelings right now.

 I am thrilled with ALIVE’s products.


Ms Leong

Whilst I was being interviewed for my testimonial, I just completed my 9 days fasting program. Even though it was slightly a painful experience during my fasting period as I experienced symptoms such as feeling cold, bloated problem, dizziness and nausea, but the result was indeed amazed. I had eliminated more feacal impactions as compared to the fasting program I did years ago.

During my fasting period, I also went for chakra and lymphatic drainage treatment where every time after the lymphatic drainage treatment I had such great pain and bruises which last on my body for few days, but during my fasting period, I didn’t experience such pain and the amazed thing was that, I didn’t have any bruises. I’m very satisfied with Alive’s fasting program. Even though the process was unbearable sometimes due to my weak digestion tract, but I had overcome it and it has been improved. Now, my edema problem has being greatly reduced and I feel lighter, fairer with smoother skin, more energized and vitalized. More importantly, my mind and spirit are greatly induced with clearer mindset.



Before I started to use Alive’s products, my hair is very dry, lifeless and dull. After recommendation from my friend, I started to use Alive’s Organic Hair Dye Powder and Scalp Cleansing Shampoo. The hair dye powder is without the strong smell as compared to others hair dye, especially those chemical dyes which contain ammonia. In fact, the herbal henna dye has cooling effect once it is remained on hair and it doesn’t cause irritation even though the dye is remained on hair for 3 hours. The most obvious improvement after using herbal organic hair dye powder is the hairs look healthy, luminous and the  colour  effect is very natural. Besides that, I also wash my hair with Scalp Cleansing Shampoo and my dandruff problem was solved. Now my hairs look healthy and shinning. On the other hand, I also consume Alive’s health care product such as Harmonizing Herbs in order to achieve optimal health as both (using non-chemical products applied on skin and consuming natural and organic health care products) are equally important to promote overall health.


Ooi Show Yuen, Good health Pharmacy

Good Health Pharmacy has been established for 7 years. My husband and I have the spirit and passion as well as vigorously learning attitude to gather more health information in order to serve our patronize customers better and in hopes that to improve their health.

During these few years, we have been striving to improve our health services. Besides the common analyses on blood pressure, blood glucose, uric acid and cholesterol levels, we also provide consultations on health diet and daily lifestyle habitual (especially for diabetic and cancer patients) in order to improve their health condition and the quality of lifestyle. In addition, we have been introducing organic vegetables and products, free range chicken and eggs in our pharmacy.

Till last year, I became Alive’s dealer after meeting with one of the Alive’s enthusiasm sales and marketing staff who introducing Alive’s products to me. I am deeply attracted with Alive’s company philosophy and its range of natural and organic products. Overall, customers have good response toward Alive’s products. This gives us an even stronger confident on its products. We are very grateful to Teacher Lilin for her expertise in developing such a great range of products which benefits lots of people.






曾经参加许多不同的断食疗程,她觉得Alive的断食疗程令她感到很满意。她表示Alive 的断食很方便,不需要一直呆在家里,到处去也没问题。她也表示经过断食疗程后,身、心、灵都感觉到无比的轻松、无压力,而且她觉得她的肌肤变得更红润与之前比较会感到分别很大。曾经做过子宫切除手术的她,一度担心她的荷尔蒙不平衡而导致她失调。但是经过断食后,她发现原来断食也能成为她的其中一种排毒管道。现在当她向别人表示她是曾经动过子宫切除手术,别人都甚表诧异,因为她是如此的开朗快乐。因此她常向她爬山的朋友分享断食的好处与乐趣。




经过好友的介绍,在一个机缘下,陪伴着同样患着病痛的太太,我们找到了ALIVE 的郑老师— 郑老师让我们有所觉悟,让我领悟到要有高能量,先要有健康的身体和愉快的心境---郑老师也在我的人生中,让我学会如何去“爱”,如何“爱”惜我自己和我的家人。

首先,郑老师教会我要在心态上做调整—要懂得“放下” 要懂得感恩---然后再从针对我体质而摄取的均衡营养做搭配。我更尝试了ALIVE独一无二的气卦疗法,淋巴引疗和断食疗法,加上“气功”的运动配合—短短一个月时间,我的体态,有了很大的改变,以前让我常感疲倦,庞大身躯以改善了,精神与体力也很大的提升,ALIVE 就是让我改善自己的管道。




我生了第三胎后,我也像每位产妇一样渴望恢复怀孕前苗条的身段。因此,我选择了到普及的推拿中心推拿,以促进身体赶快地瘦下来。当时,我的体重从100公斤减轻了大约10公斤。但是,经由弟弟的建议下,他推荐我尝试Alive中心独一无二的淋巴排毒。 因此,Alive公司采用的都是上好的精油,再配合专业治疗师独特的手法,能更进一步的帮助身体清除毒素,甚至达到减肥的效果。就这样,我接受了Alive治疗师及郑老师推荐的产品,如:草本能量纤体素, 活力灵丹及活力圣丹。开始服用这些产品的期间, 感觉很幸苦,身体很累,没精神,呼吸困难等。在告知郑老师我的冥眩反应后,她鼓励我继续服用。因为,这只是身体的调理反应,而且也只是个过渡期。只要身体状况调整好了,身体自然就变得不一样。 一个多月后,我的身体状况果然改善了,之前的冥眩反应也逐渐缓解了。直至现今,身体调理了大半年,许多的健康状况都改善了,体重更是减轻了许多。现在的我,体重维持在58公斤。回头想想…减肥与淋巴排毒的过程虽幸苦,但凡事都万事起头难,只要凭着一份信心与毅力,最终都会苦尽甘来。现在,我除了满意自己的体重外,身体变得更健康,病痛也越来越少,而且Alive所推出的新保健产品,适合我的我都愿意尝试。感恩Alive,让我找回健康及青春!



因為我天生是油性肌膚,容易生暗瘡、痘疤及毛孔粗大、又屬於過敏性膚質,之前擦其它的產品臉都會紅腫,所以很害怕在臉上擦東西,當初使用Alive的 anti-aging香潤抗氧凝露,也抱持著忐忑不安的心情,在我使用二個星期,它給了我很大的驚喜,因為我的臉不容易泛油光了,毛孔也縮小,更驚奇的是我臉上的暗瘡、痘疤竟然改善了。


Ms Yap Choon Leng, Farmasi Klang

Farmasi Klang 自1999年成立以来不断地提倡有机产品,以降低化学物质对人体带来的祸害,从而达到预防胜於治疗之效。
Alive有机护肤产品就是其中之一,它不但是市面上罕有的食品级护肤产品, 也是值得大力推广的绿色环保产品。


 Ms Ooi Phuay Sean, Primacare Pharmacy

Primacare Pharmacy成立於2005年 在这四年里,我们不断的为这区域一带的居民们提供专业服务,如:检验血压,血糖,胆固醇,甘油三脂与药物及保健品的询问。 除此之外,我们也不断地举办不同的健康测验活动(如:体脂肪检测,骨密度测试,洗脸等)以让顾客们更进一步的了解自己的身体健康状况。

但近年来,随着文明病不断的提升,越来越多人(尤其是健康主义者)更注意自己的身体健康。因此,有机及天然产品已成为现代人所追求的绿色品。而我本 身也对有机及天然产品感兴趣。当我第一次接触Alive系列产品时,我就立即爱上了它。Alive的护肤产品不但是天然有机,而且效果令人满意。 Alive的产品几乎都适合一家大小使用,即使皮肤敏感者也可以安心使用。这是多么好的一个产品啊!